Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here and there

Since my return on May 1st, there has been quite a few parties, a few trips both by car and by boat, but of course never something worth keeping a blog.
On May 24th, Philippa with my brothers L'Amusette, skipper owner and Civadiere with his wife Pepette sailed into Savannah from France. I drove to Savannah to meet them and the table there organized a wonderful boucan at the home of Mike and Karen.
On the Brotherhood front, we had the now world famous Raftarrancho held this year in Kilmarnock in conjunction with the Solomons table. I had some hiccups trying to get there, with my alternator almost falling into the bilges after loosing the main bolt that secures it to the engine bloc. So, instead of sailing all the way to Annapolis to pick up my crew Brenda who was joining me for the event, I had to stop in Solomons and do the repairs. It was just as well since Brenda was stuck in Boston with flights cancelled due to storms and had to take a train back home. She drove to Solomons to join me there.
The raftarrancho was one of the largest so far. Twelve boats in the river, but several others in the marina on Thursday night.
Friday night, everybody went to the marina to enjoy the party. And Saturday, everybody sailed away, some back home, some for a short cruise on the way.
I did not have a lot of time to spend on the boat as I drove on the 29th to Savannah and meet Philippe again to sort out some admin matters and have a look with him at his itinerary to Norfolk from Savannah.
Then on July 1st, I drove to Asheville in North Carolina to participate in the 4th of July reunion of the group of brothers who live close to Black Mountains. I was delighted to meet again with so many old friends that I had not seen for a long time. A very enjoyable extended week-end.
Back in Portsmouth, it was back to work on the boat. This time, I had my new wind generator installed just in time to return to Rebel Marina on July 10th. Time now to get back on the bike and loose those unwanted pounds that I am carrying with me since I returned.