Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Precept" she was, "Papy Jovial" she is

The main reason to be at the back of Joe Hamrick's house was the President's Day Week End Zaf. However, with so many brothers present, and the event taking place only three weeks after I purchased the boat, having a "denaming" and "renameing" ceremony there was a must.
Having removed the name from the transom, the sail cover and a few other places, the old name was written on a label using soluble ink. Then, while proper incantation were said to Neptune and rhum Barbancou
rt be
ing sprayed into the sea, the label was dipped into the sea until the name would disappear. This was done, with great expertise by Sherry, as first sook of the Chesapeake bay table.
Then, the name was afixed on the transom by Steve Herb
 and David Sowers. When that was done
, we could proceed with the renaming ceremony, which involved spraying again rhum Barbancourt in the sea while giving incntation to Neptune, and squirting rhum into the winds while giving incantation to the Gods of the North, East, South and West winds.
The rhum was then shared with the sponsor (Sherry), the skipper (myself), my mate (Gary) and all our guests.
This was a memorable day, and I am sure that Neptune will now make sure "Papy Jovial" is taken good care of by mother nature.

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