Friday, April 25, 2008

To do or not to do

Now that Papy Jovial is at home at the Scotts Creek marina in Portsmouth, that is the end of the exciting part of life, and back to the day to day plugging along to get her ready for the big one.
That is to day, I have to go through my "to do list" and get everything done.
The beginning was easy. Phone calls, meetings with supplier, place the orders. I have the main sail ordered with a deposit made, I have the WindVane Monitor ordered with a deposit made, the divers have started maintaining the hull and have replaced the missing zinc anode, dates have been set up with the carpenter, and I am waiting for a quote from Mike's canvas. More important, the hatches have gone to "HatchMasters" in Connecticut and should be back by the time I come back from my transatlantic trip.
Now comes the boring part. Make a full inventory of what I will keep on the boat, maintain the winches, take apart, clean and put back together both heads and discharge valves, etc . . . 
Not much has been done so far, as I have wasted a lot of time hiding at the house, pretending to myself that the weather was too bad.
I am now in San Antonio to party with my brothers and will have only a few days back in Norfolk before I fly to St Maarten. At least, I should try to clean the inside of the boat real well, empty the fridge, etc....
I hope that sailing to France with Bernard Couvercelles will take a maximum of 35 days and that we will leave with no delay so that I have a little time left when I come back before Jean-Paul flies in.
Lots of stuff on my plate. Maybe too much . . . . .

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