Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eco Friendly wedding

Back from my transatlantic trip and after I set in motion work on the sails and the main cabin table, I went to Quebec to attend on July 12 the wedding of my oldest daughter Patricia with her companion of 10 years Thierry.
This took place next to the town of Sutton, a few miles up from Abercorn where she lives. Abercorn sits less than 2 miles north of the border between Vermont and Quebec on road 139.
Sutton is a charming little town itself and Patricia has a friend who owns a piece of land immediately south of Sutton. It includes a creek, lots of trees and a pond and it was a perfect setting for a wedding intended to stress Patricia's convictions on defending and preserving the environment.
For the wedding, Patricia had obtained a licence for a friend of hers, just for that day, that location and that couple. This was really worth it looking at the way this friend officiated.
There were some 60 to 80 guests (I did not count), many of them camping on the site. The wedding itself started shortly before noon with appetisers and 7 gallons of "punch planteur" (lime juice, brown sugar, a little less than 2 gallons of rhum and then fruit juice to fill up the barrel )
The wedding took place at noon, with music provided by Alice (Patricia's daughter) on the keyboard and a friend of hers on the violin. There was also an accordeonist. After the wedding, all guests had written their wishes for the couple on pieces of paper folded as boats, and all those boats were released in the creek flowing beneath the "altar" set up in the forest.
After that there would be lots of food, swimming and playing in the pond, and then a giant fire to grill salmon, sausages, chicken, etc . . . and wine, more rhum punch, more wine, and occasionnally fruit juice and even water.
Patricia who has spent most of her working life fighting to preserve the environment now sits on the city council of Abercorn ( a little more than 640 inhabitants ) and this "green" wedding perfectly underlined what she lives for.
Although I cannot claim unfortunately any responsibility or merit whatsoever in her accomplishments, I was kind of proud of what she has done so far.
With a Chesapeake Bay cruise set to begin on Monday, I was not able to hang on much longer than Saturday night, but hopefully I should return to Abercorn before year end.
As usual, more photos available on the photo album for this event.

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