Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Papy Jovial draws first blood

This was going to be a regular Tip-a-Few, far away from the marina. We had about 1.2 miles to go to Hospital Point where we were to raft up with the rest of us.
The first part went uneventful. We met Rocket Boy and Country Boy on the way out, with Orza finishing to set up the hood and Hampshire Rose already anchored.
One by one, the whole fleet showed up, at first Cat Nap and Tardis.. Later, Fresh Air showed up, towed by her own dinghy (she had ran out of fuel). Travis, the son of brother Pilot also showed up as well. And then, as the evening was already well on, Talisman came in. Brother Upwind and June had had a rough day, having had to put their dog to sleep.
In all, we had on or near the raft up eleven boats, Orza, Blue Moon, Bumboo, Papy Jovial, Cat Nap, Tardis, Fresh Air, Hampshire Rose, Talisman and Travis's boat, which made it one of the most numerous raft ups that we ever had, considering that brother El Maestro came on Cat Nap and brother Blue Stache and Diana were with me on Papy Jovial.
The raft up itself went very much as it used to, with lots of delicious food and plenty to drink.
Then on Saturday morning, after breakfast, we left to get back to our slip in Scotts Creek Marina. As I was backing into the slip, far too close to the pilings and the boat on our port side, Diana kind of used her arm as a fender, but the skin was not Taylor made.
Actually, at first, we thought that she had broken her arm and we called 911. Stew went with her to the hospital while I was finishing to tie up the boat, and worried about Diana.
Stew called shortly after to tell me that only the skin had been broken (over 18 inches of length, requiring 32 stitches), and that there was no damage to the nerves nor to any muscle or bone.
What was even more amazing was the fact that she was not in pain. And it remained like that for the following days.
So, despite the dramatic finish, this was after all another successful raft-up.

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