Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hauling out

Time for Papy Jovial to clean its underwear. And to have a good look at the steering system before installing the windvane.
After disconnecting the quadrant and the hydraulic piston of the auto-pilot, it was very obvious that the problem was with the rudder. At first, I though the "gudgeon", or shoe, was the defective part. But even after we had taking it apart, it was still very difficult to turn the rudder. So we dropped it and found that the rudder post was almost glued by old lube to the bronze sleeve. We cleaned everything real well, put some new grease, a new delrin bushing in the delrin and the steering came back to life.
Then the windvane was installed, the cutless bearing changed and a new coat of antifouling applied and it was time to put her back in the water and to get back to Scotts Creek and get on with completing all the changes what will make her an ocean crossing boat.
You should know by now how to find the album photo for Papy Jovial.

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