Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridges, bridges and more bridges . . . . .

We left the anchorage wednesday morning, ready to tackles the challenges of going under an untold number of bridges.
Actually, this was seven between Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach and twenty more to get to Fort Lauderdale.
At first, we went past the North Fort Pierce bridge and stopped at the fuel dock to top up the tank, as it is the least expensive fuel we will ever south of here.
And then, we went on with the bridges. At first, nice surprise, the first two bridges which were supposed to be bascule bridges were in fact fixed bridges, and for the look of it, had been so for already some time.
And later on, the book I have on the waterway proved to be a lot out of date. At least, when it came to which one was restricted and which one was not, and when they were supposed to be open, all that had to be updated in the book.
On Wednesday night, we managed to pass West Palm Beach, and three bridges after that and drop the hook on the side of the Waterway at MM 1025.
We left on Thursday around 7:35, and spent most of the day in the company of a Nordhaven trawler (probably a 41) named "Chapter III" from Solomons, MD.
We arrived at Lake Sylvia at 2:30 p.m. and dropped the hook there for the night. Gary will get off tomorrow at the Lauderdale marina and Cliff and possibly Henri will help me get to Terri's dock up the New River.

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