Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ice Skating

As we were getting up, half an hour later than usual since we were not in a hurry, I found out that the deck was covered with ice and I had to dance on it rather carefully so that I would not break a leg inadvertently. My able bodied, if somewhat frost bittten crew slipped and slid to their duties raising anchor rather carefully and got under way under a nice blue sky and rising sun, but in subfreezing temperatures at 7:40.
Before we were about to move, the genset stopped working without any warning, sounding like an engine starving for fuel. This small incident did not succeed in affecting my mood since I knew that we were going to spend the night with power and heat.As we turned the corner into the Neuse river, we were even able to raise the mainsail and set up the genoa, and even shut off the engine for a little less than an hour.
This very nice hour however ended up in calm air and we went back to the Yanmar sail to get into the Adams creek and onto Morehead City yacht basin marina.
We got in without a hitch, tied up, did the water topping up, the fuel topping up, went to the super market to replenish out provisions and settled down for another nice dinner and a warm night.
Tomorrow, we know, will be another ditch day with the wind turning southwest, in our nose. A little disappointing, but c'est la vie!

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