Friday, January 16, 2009

Life in the Freezer

What is the point of going south, chasing the thermometer. What we found is that the further south you get, the colder it is.
We left this morning from Harbour Village Marina with the thermometer in the twenties but no ice on deck as the night had been very dry.
With that kind of cold, my brains tend to either be confused or work very very slow. The marina was at MM 267.3 and I figured that the Figure Eight bridge being on MM 278.3, we only had 1 mile to go to make the 7:30 opening, and that all we had to do was to leave around 7:10, which we did. Well, we made the bridge, but at 8:30.
Then the Wrightsville bridge stands on MM 283.1 and only opens on the top of the hour. So we had to manage to sail at about 3 knots to make the 10:00 a.m. opening. This with a nice northerly bitterly cold breeze blowing down our necks.
The rest of the day was likewise; Dave, Sam and I trying to fight off the cold either by staying inside in front of the space heater, or add as many layers of clothing as possible for those who stayed outside.However, nothing we did was much defense against the bone-deep chill.The Fear river got again its name right, with tide against the wind, to the point of driving the autopilot crazy. We finally tied up at the Southport Marina, happy to get power, heat and be able to hunker down inside. We're expecting temperatures in the teens tonight but the heater is working wonderfully. We had a nice dinner out at the Cape Fear Restaurant to celebrate. Hopefully, the temperature is supposed to improve tomorrow afternoon and enable us to get going on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Dave, who is the only guy still working for a living, has to get back to his office and we will drive him tomorrow morning to the Wilmington airport.
Tomorrow will be a very short entry about staying warm and sleeping.

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