Monday, February 16, 2009

In the starting blocks

It's been more than two weeks since Papy Jovial arrived in Fort Lauderdale and time has been flying by.
First of all, on Sunday Feb 1st, the super Bowl party which took place at the home of Julian Harper and that I truly enjoyed, for the company, the game and possibly the commercials, although I found them not as striking as in previous years.
Then, there was time allocated to tidy up the boat and prepare for the arrival of Ajut and Claudine. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I made a trip to the west coast to Port Charlotte and Sarasota, to take my life raft to Winslow for servicing and to spend some time with R.K. and Pat in Sarasota.
Ezio arrived with Bob on Thursday evening, and on Friday, at the crack of dawn, we left for Stuart, via Riviera Beach and Palm Beach, to have a look and purchase a Boston Whaler 29.
I drove back to Fort Lauderdale, only to drive back up to Riviera Beach, to have dinner with Ezio and Bob there and bring there some stuff that they might need on their way down to Fort Lauderdale.
They arrived the next day and I met them at Cooley's Landing where they settled for the night.
The next four days, it was a constant shuttle between Costco, Walmart, BassPro shop, West Marine, Publix and others as they were many thinks that Ezio needed to take care of before departing for the Bahamas.
Finally on Thursday the weather improved and they were able to leave for Freeport.
Wednesday, I had gone to Miami to meet Ajut and Claudine who will be going with me to the Bahamas after the Zaf in Fort Lauderdale. We had dinner with Ezio and Bob at the Lester Diner on SR 84 on Wenesday night and breakfast there before they left.
On Thursday night, I drove back to Miami for a meeting at the Miami Springs Lions Club. I belog to that club but I had not been there for years.
Friday was the first day of the Zaf, with the traditional "boucan" in one of the brother's house and freebooters clothing. We had the opportunity to blast the cannon towards the Jungle Queen, and at the end of the evening we inducted a new brother.
Saturday started with a picnic on the new River, followed in the evening with a "cruise" (we sailed underneath the 17th street bridge at least three times) aboard Musette.
Sunday, I had the opportunity to play golf with Frank, Ed and a friend named Hank. I did not do too bad, considering that I play once a year. After the game, I rejoined Ajut, Claudine, Stew, Diana, Claude, Babette and Henri at Henri's home.
A short nap later, it was on to the Mai Kai (Polynesian restaurant) for more food and wine.
The official ending of the Zaf was breakfast at a restaurant on Las Olas, but I stayed on the boat, hoping that TNT would deliver the tracking beacon, but it did not happen.
Now, starts a new chapter, with a short cruise to the Bahamas with Ajut and Claudien.

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