Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leisure Cruise

Saturday was devoted to cleaning the boat thoroughly and getting ready for the first real dinner party of this cruise. We were expecting Stephanie, Ezio and their friend Peter for dinner and we wanted this to be a success. And thanks to the cooking talents of Ajut and Claudie, it was. Six around the dinner table did fit well. Very enjoyable, pleasant and happy evening.
On Sunday, it was up at six a.m. to try and leave at seven. In fact, we were under way at 6:45 a.m. with a very pleasant weather, light breeze from the NNE, which made it impossible to sail but allowed for easy and pleasant motoring into West End where we settled for the afternoon shortly after noon. I had forgotten that we were in the Bahamas, and the rates ( which don't include a hefty charge for water and electricity) almost shocked me. There won't be many nights in marinas this cruise.
However, the whole idea was to allow Ajut and Claudine to take a stroll in the settlement and do a little touring around, and this was worth it.

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