Thursday, February 26, 2009


Since we arrived in Green Turtle cay, the wind has not let up at all, remaining at 20 to 25 from the NE. This makes it next to impossible, and at any rate not prudent, to try and get through the Whale Cay passage under these conditions.
So, we are still here this Thursday afternoon, having quite a pleasant stay. My crew took me yesterday for a walk to the village which took us almost an hour and a half. Good way to burn the calories coming from the Bahama mama or the Gombay smash. In the village of New Plymouth, we even had time to go shopping for emergency groceries (understand white wine for the before dinner drinks) , postcards and stamps. At noon, we were able to take a ferry which took us back to the White Sound where we are docked, at the Bluff House marina. We then had a good lunch of grouper and conch, with fries and various rum based mixtures to wash it down.
Today the walking was less intense, but we still had to wash down lunch at the same place.
The wind is supposed to loose a little bit of its strength tomorrow and we intend to try and make the passage and head for Man-O-War cay and pay a visit to Ted Dowty and Barbara.
With another front coming, bagging some SW wind up to 30 knots, we won't have time to visit any other place and we will leave on Saturday morning early directly for the Gran Lucaya waterway, which is some 142 miles from Man-O-War. If the forecast is correct, we should make it to the waterway before the wind goes over the 20 knots mark at 8 to 10 in the morning on March 1st.
I settled my bill today as everything closes from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. The prices are not cheap, but since the marina deducts the dockage from the overall bill, including charges at the bar and restaurant, it makes it quite affordable.
Tonight will be a quiet dinner on the boat and get ready to go early tomorrow Friday morning.

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