Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blank . . .

One more week has come and gone and I find that I have nothing to say. More of the same. No progress on the generator, the electronics or the sails.
Yet, I have learned something about the genset which makes me feel less mad at myself. At first, I thougth that the breakdown of the set had been caused by my own clumsiness and I was assuming that the water leak had been caused by a poorly tighten water hose. But after the new part was installed and upon starting the generator, it turned out that it was the seal in the raw water pump that had failed. I could not have seen it coming. So, we are going to rebuild the pump which I will keep as a spare and install a new pump which is on order.
After riding on Saturday, I sat down with my neighbours for some food and drinks without showering and/or stretching. As the evening progressed, my back started to tighten up and by Sunday morning, I could not move at all and had to spend the whole day lying down.
So, not an exciting finish for the week.
Hopefully this coming week will see the installation of the transponder, the rest of the electronics done, the generator working with the new pump in place, and so on.....
Meanwhile, I am following Albinoni very closely. They should be right now crossing the Panama canal and I hope to learn a lot from their experience.
By next week-end, I should have a lot more to say.

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