Monday, May 18, 2009

The day that was not

Miserable day today. I left Coinjock at 7:00 am with rain and strong northerly wind and a 52 degrees temperature. I was hoping that the wind would let up in the afternoon and that I would be able to get past the Alligator River bridge. Unfortunately, this was not to be and I had to anchor in the Little Alligator River creek in 10 feet of water, but using all of 80 feet of chain, to make sure as this anchorage is not protected at all from the Northeasterly wind.
The VHF in the cockpit, the best one, did not like the rain and stopped working. I tried to raise the bridge using the inside one and the hand held one, but I guess that there is no one on the bridge in these conditions. After the day lost at Coinjock, this is another day gone. At this rate, I wonder how long it will take me to reach Fort Lauderdale.
Hopefully, the weather is supposed to improve after Wednesday and I might be able to go outside most of the way.

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