Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Short hop

I did all of 50 miles (nautical miles) today, which is what "Ti Moun" says is his maximum daily distance. Sounds like brother Limey !
I was up at 5, impatient to leave that anchorage where I have already lost almost 2 days. But I must wait, since I promised "Ti Moun" that I would wait for them and get through the bridge with them.
So, at 7 we are under way en route towards the bridge which I have seen offer openings to early birds going north.
As we arrived almost to touching it, it stayed closed, which is unusual for that bridge which has one of the best timing of the ICW. While I am doing a 360, the bridge tender "I am trying to open the bridge !". Did not sound encouraging, and I could already picture myself wasting another day.
Fortunately, after a few scary minutes, the bridge finally opened, and we were on our way to a routine 50 miler to Pungo Creek just outside Belhaven.
Tonight, I am having dinner on "Ti Moun" and they asked me whether I had some books in french. Shame on me, first of all, I have very few books since Diana was going to come with an eBook reader, and on the very few I have, all of them are in english. To save the day, I offered them the french DVD on Eric Tabarly, and I will try and get forgiveness with a good bottle of Bordeaux wine.
I will probably sleep well after that and won't have time to make an entry, which is why I am making an early one.

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