Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where is Papy Jovial ?

Whenever you click on the link "Where is Papy Jovial ?" it opens up a world wide map showing all the boats members of the Sail the World association. The scale of the map does not allow you to see in detail where I am.
However, if you drag your mouse over the icon of Papy Jovial, you will draw a rectangle which will define an area to zoom in. It takes a little bit of practice, but eventually, you will be able to open a map with only the area where I am and will show you more details.
You can also click on the icon itself and it will provide you with more data about my position and the weather around me. As long as I am very close to land mass, the weather will not be correct. Also, my position is transmitted only twice a day, which will explain erratic average speed as long as I am not on a continuous movement, as will be the case on ocean crossing.

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