Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tracking Papy Jovial

We have picked up David at Montego Bay and are now ready to leave Port Antonio tomorrow morning at day break, assuming that we will get customs clearance today.
To track Papy Jovial, once you have clicked on the link "Where is Papy Jovial ?", and once the world map has opened with all STW boats on it, click on "Asset Map". On the next page, select on the pull down menu "asset name" the name Papy Jovial. It will open a world map with only Papy Jovial on it, but also with the past trail since the departure in Norfolk.
You can zoom on the map by dragging your mouse to make a rectangle of the size you want around the icon of Papy Jovial.
Hope my explanations in frenglish will be clear enough.

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