Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A very good day at the office

We left Acklins Island at 7:00 this morning with the best weather
imaginable. Easterly wind around 10 knots steady. As soon as we cleared
the anchorage, we put up the main sail and the full genoa, set up the
windvane Monitor, and off we were. It is now 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday,
and we are still making good way on close haul but under sail and windvane.
As soon as we cleared the southern tip of Acklins Island, I tacked to
make more east and clear the adverse current. We kept the tack NE for 2
hours and then tacked back towards Great Inagua which we should reach
around midnight.
There is no way that we are going to waste such favourable conditions
and we will not stop at Great Inagua, but continue towards the Windward
passage that we should reach probably late morning tomorrow.
I was able to measure how well we are doing against the wind. Not much
change from previous tests. We do around 150 degrees between tacks on
the ground, and 120 on the water.The sinus of 15 degrees being 0.26, it
means that if we are doing 5.5 knots through the water, we are closing
our target at 1.38 knots or 33 miles per day. Better choose an itinerary
that goes with the wind, and this is basically what we will be doing
across the pacific.
We are 275 miles from Port Antonio and we might be able to reach there
on the 19th evening, although I would prefer to make it on the 20th. If
need be, we will slow down as we get closer.

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