Friday, June 5, 2009

Wet, wet, wet, . .

Since I arrived Sunday afternoon, everyday has seen thunderstorms and lightning, sometimes severe, and a lot of rain.
Monday morning, I was able to play 17 holes with David before being rained out by a heavy downpour. And it has been much of the same everyday.
However, I have been lucky enough to find people here who performed like true professionals, and the few problems that I still had, mostly in electronics, have been solved. I have received the new part for the boomvang and it will be installed on Monday. The zipper on top of the lazy bag which had reached the end of its natural life has been replaced, and the webbing on the third reef which was 5 inches too short, has been replaced by one of the correct length.
For the computer, the breaker on the circuit where it is connected has been upgraded from 5 to 10 amps, the connection itself which was shaky has been corrected, and a fan has been installed on the side of the chart table to keep it well ventilated. And the connection between my coax and the wifi antenna has been repaired and replaced by a connector which is supposed to withstand my own weight. And the electronician showed me how to share the internet connection with the other computers without using a bridge but just an ethernet cable to the router.
All that is left now is provisionning and making an inventory of what we have.
On Wednesday, I was invited for dinner by John and Sara, and Frank and Mary joined us. As always when we are among brothers, nice and pleasant evening.
Today, I was supposed to go and play golf with Frank, but rain again made it impossible. Maybe on Monday. Otherwise, I will have to wait for Ecuador.
With Jean-Francois arriving on Sunday, I will concentrate tomorrow on house cleaning and laundry.

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