Sunday, July 12, 2009

Did you say sailing as in sailboat

Yesterday at noon, we were motoring in a sea as flat as a billiard table
with absolutely no wind. Then at 6:00 p.m. a few wrinkles began to
appear on the surface, and a few minutes later we were sailing, slow at
first, then at about 4 knots the whole night. Today at noon, we have
396 miles to go and still approximately 68 gallons of fuel in the tank
(plus 6 in a jerrycan). So I think that we are now very likely to make
Manta, even if we had to go motoring all the way.
The funny part is that the wind is east, sometimes north-east, when
every possible weather source sees a W or SW wind. Anyway, we will take
it. Does us good.
So far we have covered 231 miles and used the engine a total of 26 hours.
There are lots of thunderstorms and rain showers coming from the east,
but although they certainly have an influence on the strength of the
wind, they do not affect its direction. Maybe the SW will come later
after all.

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