Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flamenco marina

Huge difference between Shelter Bay and Flamenco. Here we are in a marina used mostly by super sport fishing yachts, and the prices go along. The marina is under the influence of the Pacific swell, is still under construction, and we are on a dock very far from the office, with no electricity and a water tap quite far from the boat. But no discount. And the Wi-Fi is $18 per day !
However, much nicer area, with even a Bennigans on the dock and a clean and nice surrounding.
I had a mini disaster when the hard drive on the computer crashed and this time refused to resurrect. Fortunately, I had a "clone" which was only a week old, and I was able, under the watchful eyes of David and Jean-Francois, to take out the bad one and replace it with the clone. Everything is now working fine, but I need to order a new hard drive a.s.a.p. so that I can make clones on a regular basis in case I have another problem. The temperature is probably a factor, but I suspect that the old hard drive was a defective one from the start and things only got worse as time went on.
The day today was devoted to minor jobs on the boat, completing formalities and reload with beer and other necessities.
Tonight will be our last meal ashore for a while before we head tomorrow morning for Manta.

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Anonymous said...

I have some IT geniuses working for/with me. If you need somethig specific let me know...and an address to send it to.
Tom Zalewski