Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last few miles

At noon, we were 60 miles from Fatu Hiva. Not much to say about that
last day. This morning, the wind veered SE as expected and I was able to
set the Genoa back to its normal way with the sheet directly to the
railing and to the winch.
Although it was a 25 hours day, we covered 153 miles over the ground and
closed on Fatu Hiva by 147 miles. Unfortunately, it means that no matter
our speed, we will arrive after dark and before midnight.
There is a rock only 12 feet high as we approach the island and this
will allow me to make a first check on the accuracy of the map in terms
of GPS coordinates. If everything is OK, we might be able to poke our
nose in slowly and if everything looks right drop the hook.
We are tired and a little excited at the prospect of arriving tonight.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! on your successful voyage thus far. It's downhill from here. We will be celebrating your success in Black Mountain (of all places)with the Savannah table drinking to your accomplishment.

David said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We also will be celebrating your success in San Antonio Friday night with ORZA's to Papy Jovial. I too look forward to your daily blog as you have been in my mind and spirit through out this voyage my friend. David