Friday, August 21, 2009

Re: Mail failure

You are running a very old version of xgate. You might consider upgrading.

try tools->purge restart files.


Bernard Lefevre wrote:
> For reasons unknown to me, the reception of messages has been blocked
> for "unknown exception". Probably one message sent to me had something
> in it that caused the system to crash. I am still able to send
> messages. Please, until further notice, DO NOT SEND MESSAGES TO ME.
> This would further inflate my incoming mailbox and create more problems.
> I will let you know as soon as the system is back to normal. I should
> be able to work on it whenever I am able to get a regular internet
> connection, either in Atuona in the coming days, or in Papeete early
> september.
> Thanks in advance


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