Monday, August 17, 2009

Running with it

Now that we don't have to worry about what set up we are going to use,
it's been a quiet day. We are running with the main sail at 2 reefs and
the genoa fully deployed and the sheet running through a block at the
end of the boom. In addition, a block and tackle from the clew to the
railing to lower the clew a little bit so that the top of the sail can
fill up with wind.
Actually the main worry is whether we have enough red wine to go all the
way, and the answer is "yes we have", and how much do we have for drinks
at 6:00 p.m. abd there the choice becomes a little more limited, but we
have enough. We also have plenty of beer and enough potatoes to go all
the way. So, life is good. I don't even mention rhum, as it never
crossed my mind to allow us to run out of it.
For the day, we covered 135 nm over the ground, closed on Fatu Hiva by
123 (we are zigzaging since we can't sail with the wind right behind),
and we have 338 nm to go. We may have to slow down at the end to avoir
going in at night and time ourserves to arrive on the 20th in the morning.
Still doing good with water, the average consumption running at 3.62 per
day. As of today, we still have 132 gallons left.

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gary and beryl said...

Keep it up getting close! dosnt seem too bad a ride. Have forwarded your crew requet to all our Brothers near and far. No takers yet!