Monday, August 10, 2009

The trade winds

This time, that's it. We are in the South Pacific Ocean. The sea is all
blue, the sky is almost free of clouds at times, and the wind is pushing
us at around 25 knots from the East, with a little bit of South in it.
Our faithfull clouds cover is still there, but there are more and more
holes in it, and even though it sends us from time to time a small rain
squall, we can feel that its days are numbered. We are steaming along at
6 to 6.5 knots and the Monitor is kind of rejuvenated and works happily
to keep us on course.
Yet, with all the hickups of yesterday afternoon, the day is not all
that good. We closed on the Marquesas by 128 nautical miles, we covered
137 over the ground and there are 1257 of them left to Fatu Hiva on a
direct line.
Realistically, we should be able to anchor there in the morning of
August 20. If we can keep the pedal to the metal, we might get there
during the day on the 19th.
We are really beginning to feel that the finish line is not that far away.

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