Friday, September 25, 2009

The day before

After a wonderful Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (today) brought back
some degree of frustration.
To start with, I was still waiting to get my sails back up. Last night
after dark I got the sails and the cushions for the main cabin with
velcro sewn on them, but not the lazy Jacks and lazy bag, and not the
fittings to reinstall the main. I was promised that it would be done on
Friday. Today turned out to be rainy and windy day. I could work on the
velcro for the cushions and take care of a few minor jobs inside but
there is little hope to do anything outside. The good news is that all
the remaining bits and pieces showed up at 4:00 p.m. which means that we
will be able to put the sails back up tomorrw.
On the weather front however, it turns out that leaving on Saturday
would not be a good idea as we would probably have to motor quite a bit
or face variable and unstable weather. Based on the grib files and the
advice of Bob McDavitt, I have decided to leave only on Tuesday morning.
This gives us ample time to be more than ready.
The crew who was supposed to come with us and was supposed to come
aboard last night (Thursday) has disappeared from the radar screen. No
reply to my emails and his cell phone does not answer. I hope nothing
bad has happened to him.
Tonight there will be some drinking. Matthias and Ulla, aboard
Chennaker, finally made it to Papeete, after an adventurous journey from
the Marquesas via the Tuamotou. Broken finger, leaking water pump,
broken autopilot, etc . . . I am glad they finally made it to a place
where they can fix all that and be on their way to NZ, but before that
we are going to celebrate his 33rd birthday tonight.

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