Saturday, September 19, 2009


It feels strange. I have done all that I can do, but still the boat is not ready as I am waiting for the sails, the lazy bag and the lazy jacks. I have been promised that they would be returned on Wednesday, but I will believe it once I see it.
Yesterday, I learned that the brother of the Coast from France who was supposed to join me on November 10th in Noumea won't be able to mak
e it due to medical reasons. Obviously, I feel very sorry for him and I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Meanwhile, I have started again the search for someone to help me either from Noumea, or from Sydney. I should be OK until New Zealand as Claude who joins us here in Papeete might be able to stay on until New Zealand.
Tomorrow Sunday is a rest day, so I will take advantage that nothing happens here to do the oil change on the engine. I hate doing it, but it has to be done.
Then on Monday, I hope to be able
 to go to Moorea, if the Ferries are operating (they were on strike earlier this week). Tuesday, I have booked an excursion throughout the island. Wednesday I should recover the sails. Thursday, if all goes well, I might take advantage of an offer to take a hand-gliding flight (two seaters, and I am only watching !).
Then on Friday, we go to Papeete to clear out, do the provisionning so as to be ready to leave Saturday morning.
Last Thursday,  I was able to get a foretaste of one element of the Polynesian culture with an evening organized by the local restaurant here. Pleasant to watch, but I feel that the music lacks some joy and fun. It is a far cry from the Caraibbean music.

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Anonymous said...

Remember what Moitessier said about Papeete? He was also a bit disappointed.
I still look for a deep description of Papy Jovial...
Beside the boat, how are YOU?
- Big Hopper -