Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who say's it's boring ?

I am very often asked that question : when you are at sea on a long
crossing, do you ever get bored ?
This morning at 4:00 a.m., the genoa fell on deck while we were sailing
along nicely on a broad reach at 6 knots. It's probably the hook on the
halyard which either broke or opened up as I did not see anything on the
head of the sail when it came down. We scrambled a little to get it back
on deck and I was worried that it might have slipped under the hull. But
we got it out easy with the spinnaker halyard and secured it on deck.
Being only 55 miles from the anchorage and having the actual wind on the
beam, this with seas still in the 18 feet range and the rolling to go
with it, I decided to go from 3 to 2 reefs on the main and use the motor
to maintain speed, and wait until we are at anchor to worry about the genoa.
I also found that the cap that keep the packing material on the stuffing
box had unscrewed itself and the whole thing was spraying a lot of water
quite happily underneath the floor. This explains why the bilge pump
would come on quite often. So, I re-tighten everything but I know that
the whole thing, cutlass bearing and stuffing box will need a serious
look as we only cut roughly the material and netting tightened around
the shaft shortly before we got to Manta, and we could only work while
the boat was afloat.
All those small problems come on top of the boat needing a serious
cleaning and sorting out.
Tonight at anchor, we will enjoy a good meal and a good quiet night. But
I doubt that during our stay in Papeete we will find the time to get
bored. The to-do list will take care of that.

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