Sunday, October 4, 2009

Front crossing

All day yesterday I could feel that something was in the making in terms
of weather. And there was. Of course, it started during cocktails hour,
with rain, continuous and heavy, and then the wind coming up, with
lightning and thunder to spice it up. Eventually, the wind went up to
more than 40 knots and we ended up naked, with no mailsail and less than
15 % of the genoa. The dance went on until 2 in the morning when the
wind subsided to around 35 knots, but still the rain continued.
During my watch, I saw someting strange, around 3 in the morning,
looking like a lunar rainbow. It was on the East, had all the
appearances of a rainbow except for the colour which was only shades of
blue, no other colour. Then the rain shower that probably had caused it
was upon me and the rainbow disappeared. By early morning, the wind was
down to 25 knots and I was able to put up the pole on the genoa. I am
really happy that I had it shortened by 4 feet. It feets my genoa and is
much easier to set up.
Then at 10 the wind was down to 20 knots and if I believe the grib
files, it should decrease to 15 knots by 16:00. At noon, we had 94 miles
to go, which means that we must average less than 4.7 knots to get there
after dark. This promises a quiet night as we will remain undersailed.
I am still a little bit anxious about the entrance which is open to the
north and looks like a very narrow one. This being the week-end, I have
had no reply from the harbour master, which means that I am not even
sure that he got my emails. We shall see tomorrow morning.

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