Sunday, November 22, 2009

Second wind

Definitely, it takes one week just to settle down before you can accomplish anything. Plus the fact that immediately after you arrive, there are quite a few parties to be had, just to celebrate having arrived.
I had anyway time to start a few projects, mostly for the sails, the cushions and chasing the leaks in the V-Berth and stopping them. In addition, I now have a rough idea of the town and where to go to get material for the other projects.
Today, I took time to read the comments on the blog and I realised that many of the readers do not know that I have no way of seeing these comments while at sea. All I can do at sea is posting articles via email and the sat phone but I cannot see the comments or post photos. For that, I have to wait until I have a fast internet connection and can go on the web. I apologize to all those who were hoping for a reply from me and never got it. I also thank Big Hopper for repeatedly asking for the photos, until I discovered that I had put the wrong link on the english version of the blog. You can now go back to the photo album and get the latest pictures.
Yesterday, Marie Laurence went on with her excursion and I find myself alone on the boat. I will get back to my little routine, hopefully with a little less alcohol as my body needs a rest from that. With all those brothers of the coast around me, no guarantee that I can succeed.
Last night, dinner aboard Cosinus, quiet but pleasant, with those great New Zealand steaks on the menu. Delicious.
Today, Gary picked me up to take me to his home and work a little on advertising for their upcoming National Boucan on March 4th. And tonight, I am going to have a very very quiet and simple dinner and get an early night to be ready for the coming week. As usual, there is no way I will play tourist as long as Papy Jovial is not ready to leave.

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