Monday, January 4, 2010

Fast start

Great beginning for 2010. On the 2nd, I finally managed a ride longer than 20 miles ! Don't laugh ! Yes, it is a far cry from the 830 miles of Paris Brest Paris, but at least, it almost looks like a real ride.
Then for the evening, I had prepared a full dinner to welcome Didier and Chantal. On the menu, shrimps cocktail with a home made cocktail sauce (make a mayonnaise as firm as you can, drop the volume of 2 tea spoons worth of boiling cognac in one go while stirring the mayo, color it with some ketchup and add a little bit of cayenne pepper), then savoury crepes (like in britanny, France) filled with either ham, cheese, smoked salmon or a combination of those items. I had planned for desert to serve strawberries "a la Wimbledon", i.e. with thick cream and sugar, but since we had first crepes with lemon and sugar, there was no room left for the strawberries which can wait for tomorrow. Of course, we did not drink water with all that, and we went to bed a little late.
Next morning, up at 6:00 for breakfast and time to prepare my golf bag and dress accordingly. At 7:30, we arrived on the golf course, Didier and Chantal playing with rented equipment while I was for the first time since I left Florida using my own.
I shot 105 ! Don't laugh ! As I
just said, my golf bag had not gotten out of the boat since Florida back in June, so in fact I was almost pleased with that score. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, on a course overlooking Arua Bay with a splendid scenery. Golf was almost just an excuse for the outing.
Back on the boat, while Didier and Chantal were winterizing their boat, I worked on preparing another dinner with the left over from yesterday, starting with a fabulous cantaloupe very fruity, sweet and almost as good as the ones found in France. More crepes and finally for desert, the strawberries, the cream and the sugar. And again, although we had intended otherwise, we did not drink water . . . . .
So when I woke up this morning, I felt very lousy. My body is creaming and complaining very hard about my diet. I better listen to it and get serious if I want to be in shape before my crew starts coming in.

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