Monday, January 11, 2010

Low morale

Once again I find myself a little depressed ! My right knee is still bothering me and I am unable to ride. I can see it coming that I will have to pack the damn bike, put it back in the boat and forget about it until I get back to the US and find a way through a doctor to solve the problem, if it can be solved. Otherwise, I have to start training in a wheelchair.
And then, to be on the hard in a yard, chasing the various technicians so that I can go back in the water Thursday or Friday is no fun, but it has to be done.
This being said, there are lots of good news. The work on the mast is going very well and the handling of the sails, reefing and so on is going to be easier. The nipple for the spreader on the port side has been repaired (new weld) and the whole thing looks very good. I also took the opportunity to have a tricolor put on top of the mast.
The new SSB is installed (Icom IC-M802) but of course I have to wait for the mast to be back in to set the antenna.
For the accomodation, not much had to be done. The quarter berth on top of the water tank is done. I have tried it, and although you will not be able to bend your knees as the ceiling is very close, it is quite comfortable and the best is that it will be very dry.
Today, the shaft is going back in with a new intermediate bearing. SKF in the US were asking a ton of money for that bearing (480 kiwis + tax + freight), so we are putting in a different one that will be blocked on the shaft. Since the shaft is out, I will also replace the packing.
The connections to the freezer were in bad shape as the water from the condenser was dripping on it. So they were renewed and moved to a drier location. Both the freezer and the fridge were checked and found in perfect shape. The A/C unit needs to be cleaned as it is almost clogged with dust, but I have to wait until we are in the water and it will be cleaned with a combination compressed air and vacuum cleaner.
The last 2 or 3 days of January are going to be pretty busy although I wanted to do some touring in the North. We are putting the mast back in on the 28, and I will have a starting battery installed to prevent fluctuations in the voltage which are not good for the computer and the instruments.
We are already Tuesday and I am driving to Auckland on Sunday. Pressure is mounting . . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Low morale? Come on Bernard. As we say in North Carolina when we start to run low on Rhum Babincourt...I wonder what the poor people are doing. We are all rich in many ways.