Friday, February 12, 2010


We had been told that we were going to enjoy the ideal crossing, with
favourable wind all the way. Well, it is true that we enjoyed 2
continuous days with the Gennaker, more than I ever have so far. But
before that we had this chaotic crossing across the area north of North
Cape. Then the spi came down because the wind had died and we motored
for a full day. And when the wind came back, it eventually settled from
NNW at 20 to 25 knots, which mean close haul on a rough seas. With a lot
of water going over the boat, strong squalls and everything that goes
with rough weather, leaks started to appear almost everywhere,
especially in the forward cabin and along the mast which had been fitted
with a new spartite system. Good news, but only for me, no more leaks at
all in the aft cabin.
Debbie is holding up, Anne a little less and we have to convince both of
them to eat as tomorrow is likely to be a little more difficult with
winds possibly gusting at 35 knots.
I have decided to call in into Newcastle, to clear customs and
immigration and to wait for the weather to settle before proceeding to
Sydney. We only have 283 miles left for Newcastle and we should get
there by Monday late morning. So far we had been experiencing current
against us (25 miles in all since we left Whangarei), but it looks like
it has turned around and we are doing half a knot more over the ground
than thru the water.
Once alongside and after clearance, we should be able to lick our
wounds, dry up, shower, sort out the mess and have a wonderful dinner on

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