Friday, February 5, 2010

Under way

Finally the last part (a block for the main sheet) arrived on Thursday
morning and we were able to leave Town Basin Marina shortly after noon.
Unfortunately too late to expect to clear customs that day. So we got to
Marsden Cove early afternoon in a very fresh easterly wind, tied up, and
had a last (very nice) dinner at the restaurant of the marina.
Up at 7, we went to the fuel dock to fill up, went back to tie up and
wait for customs which arrived at 9:00 on the dot.
After clearance, started the process of extracting ourselves from the
area. We have had quite a few days of strong easterly winds which had
died but had left behind rough seas. The combination did not suit my
valiant crew. Philippe was a little uncomfortable at first but recovered
well, Anne was less comfortable but managed to keep up more or less, and
Debbie unfortunately could not cope with the jerky movements of the boat.
This, unfortunately, will last at least until we round North Cape
enterely and enter the Tasman sea, which will happen hopefully tomorrow
I tried to go wing on wing, but the sea state makes it impossible as we
can fill both sails and the genoa is flapping hopelessly. Se we went
back to broad reaching, with the wind 150 degrees and the genoa on the boom.
Other than that, the weather is not bad with easterly winds 15 to 20 and
a bit of sunshine.
Maybe by tomorrow Debbie will have recovered and we can fully enjoy the

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