Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a week !

This will be a quick one. Being retired and sailing around the world makes me very very busy.
This first week in Sydney went on at lightning speed.
First, there was the business on settling down at Gladesville Bridge marina. Organise Internet in a reliable way, find where the best and most convenient supermarket is, resupply the boat, try and get work started on the boat (failed so far).
On Friday morning, got up at 7:30 to find that Anne had already gone. Went with Debbie to the supermarket to replace most of what we had consumed during the passage. When we came back early afternoon, we found that all the personal belongings of Anne were gone, and there was a 3 inch paper note on the table with "Bye - A.F." on it. Obviously it meant that she had decided to leave, but I found it a little abrupt. Not too surprised though as I was more and more aware that she did not feel comfortable at all on the boat and I wanted myself to talk to her about that.
Anyway, let's move on. I will probably not look for a replacement and will continue with Olivier only. After all, I did most of Norfolk-Tahiti either alone or with Jean-Francois and this was not a problem.
On Sunday, I drove Debbie to the place where she had found some babysitting to do against free accomodation, which is a good temporary solution for her while she looks for some real paying work. She might rejoin us from Coffs Harbour to Port Headland if the circumstances are right.
Then there was the earthquake in Chile which among other impacts might result in the south american delegation to the World meeting of the Brotherhood of the Coast here be significantly reduced. And this happens so close to the event that it will be hard to plan the catering as accuretaly as needed.
I have changed my travel schedule to New Zealand and will return here on the 6th instead of the 7th as there are too many things still to do here in the coming few days.
Today, I am trying to prepare the boat as best I can as Bernard and Claudine are landing in Sydney on the 5th while I am away.
Looks almost like stress . . . .

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