Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The return voyage has begun.

After a very enjoyable stay in Sydney, with many parties, and thanks to the Australian brothers, especially Peter Smith, an unforgettable stay right in the middle of Sydney in Cockle Bay, we have started the voyage to return home in Norfolk.
We spent a week tied up in the Cockle Bay marina, right in front of the hotels where the brothers participating in the 2010 World Zaf were staying, and right in front of all the restaurant and disco of Darling Harbor. We were 2 minutes walking from the maritime museum, the aquarium and maybe 10 minutes from the fish market. And all that for less than we would have paid for a marina in Fort Lauderdale.
To get to Cockle Bay, you have to go through the Pyrmont bridge which has to open fully (mean
ing including the monorail) for us. This was done, coming in and going out, at 5 in the morning, so as not to disturb traffic of the monorail.
Out of Cockle Bay, we went straight back to the Gladesville marina, as I still had to have the four new portlights installed in the forward cabin. We also, thanks again to Peter, did the provisionning for the next few days and purchased a chart for the Coco Isles and books for the cruise around Australia.
We left early on Tuesday morning and went to Pittwater, to fuel up and also because the leg to Newcastle would have taken too long to get there.
We went to Refuge Bay, on Peter's advice, for lunch, then to the Royal Motor Yacht Club to fu
el up and drink to Olivier's 52nd birthday and then anchored in front of Palm Beach, near the entrance, to cut the leg to Newcastle as much as we could as we new that there was going to be almost no wind.
Olivier had an explosive start with 2 fish caught for his first day on Papy Jovial.
From Pittwater to Newcastle, we motored most of the way, with the sails up only for about 2 hours.
It is probably going to be much of the same going to Port Stephens, after which we might to a little bit of sailing.

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Crows Nest said...

Fair winds and smooth seas from the NZ brothers!

The Undertaker.