Sunday, March 28, 2010


We left Coffs Harbour early in the morning on Saturday, and again it's mostly motoring that we reached Yamba in the Clarence River. Wonderful entry. A little stressful as the markings are not all that clear and we had the sun in our face, making it difficult to see the transits, but really a great place.
Yamba is a small town, probably less than 10,000 people, and it feels like a vacation place with camping sites on the riverside.
We took a walk up the lighthouse yesterday and today went to the market where I resisted the impulse to buy yet another hat coming straight out of the "crocodile dundee" movie.
We will stay another day here as Olivier and Debbie want to enjoy the place a little more. We will leave tomorrow afternoon and shoot directly for the marine stadium at the entrance of the Gold Coast Seaway.
This time, it is the "Fireboy" that failed us ans we had to remove the electro-magnetic valve until we find the energy to go in there and check the connections. I know the failure is not coming from the main panel as the freezer is still working and it is on the same circuit.
Also today, for the first time, I tried to make contact with "Cosinus" which is still in Coffs Harbour using my brand new SSB ICOM IC-M802 but got nowhere (we tried 4200 and 6450).
It has been so long since I used an SSB that I will have to get myself into the manual and spend time as I know I will need it in the Indian Ocean.

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