Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hervey Bay and Bundaberg

Hugues and Laura, friends of Olivier, and living like Olivier in the same area of France (Savoie) happen to be bicycling across Australia from Sydney to Darwin on a tandem. Incredible coincidence ! We made contact with them and were able to be at the same time at the same place and they joined us in Urangan with tandem, bob trailer and luggage.
For the trip up Hervey Bay to Bundaberg, we knew it was going to be, again, only motoring, so we put the tandem on deck and left o
n Sunday to get at the entrance of the Burnett River at least two hours after low tide and sail up to Bundaberg. All that was done, again without touching bottom although the chart was showing very low depth.
It so happens that they have had floods recently and the river was fuller than usual.
Once up in front of the mid-town marina, it took up to an hour before the staff could make on spot a
vailable for us. Eventually, we settled in around 5 p.m., ready to enjoy our time here.
So, next morning, we wandered intown, and I must say, not much to be seen. It is a small town, with all the shops and businesses inside no more than ten blocks by three blocks. All the necessities are there, but not much to do. The only point of inte
rest is the rhum distillerie, but the day we had chosen to visit, it rained all day and we did not go. However, we found a shop with diving and fishing equipment and I bought a pair of fl
ippers in preparation for Lady Musgrave island and Olivier bought an underwater camera mounted on a face mask.
That rain was the signal of a major change in the weather with the return of the trade winds and more delay for us. To take the tide on the river out of the equation, we sailed down to Port Bundaberg marina and we will wait until Friday night to sail to Lady Musg
rave island with a weather decent enough to enjoy snorkeling in the lagoon. Laura is not very enthusiastic about choppy seas and sailing to an island, so she will wait in a camping area with the tandem, the bob trailer and the tent.
Today, being in a marin
a in the middle of nowhere, Olivier got me again to walk to the village next door and wa
lk back to the marina via a different route. Another 8 kms walking to see Burnett Heads, which has a post office, a general st
ore, two motels and a restaurant, and as always a hairdresser. Nice walk, we even saw two kangourous and lots of big birds.
Tomorrow, we will tray and take a bus to Bundaberg to visit the rhum distillerie.

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nigel said...

bundaberg rum - not a patch on the barbancourt and don't let those convicts tell you otherwise - Nigel