Monday, April 19, 2010

Lady Musgrave

After so many days motoring, we can't complain about too much wind, but the problem remains to slow down enough so as to arrive in daylight. This was again the case going to Lady Musgrave and we had to heave to for more than an hour as we were in sight of the lighthouse of the Island way before daybreak.
However, we found the entry into the lagoon much easier than anticipated. I was thinking lagoon of 8 or 9 feet depth like in the Bahamas, but we had more then 25 feet all the way to the anchorage and very little worries about coral heads.
I did not feel very comfortable at anchor with winds steadily over 25 knots with gusts at 30. But the holding was excellent, and we never moved one inch, since the wind was always same direction and the
re was no swinging around the
During the day, Olivier and Hugue went ashore, first to visit the island and then try and do some snorkeling. I stayed on the boat, just in case, but also because I suspected that there was not very much to see that I have not already seen in the Bahamas or in Oman. I was right as Olivier and Hugue confirmed on their way back.
We left as planned on Sunday at noon, in the middle of a squall and with a wind still between 20/25 and gusts at 30, but right behind us.

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