Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The sound of silence

After Curlew island which will remain one of the better anchorages that
we have visited so far in terms of calm and quietness, we sailed to
Refuge Bay on Sawfell Island where we found two motor boats and one
sailboat. Not much to say about the day. Sailing downwind, with the
genoa on a boom and the main wing on wing, we made good time and arrived
early at Refuge Bay.
Same thing the next day to go to Shaw Island. Actually at first, we
wanted to go to the Lindeman Club Med, but when we arrived, we could not
detect any sign of life and we decided instead to join the crowd at the
anchorage on Shaw Island. We would end up 8 boats by the late evening,
which is quite a crowd. Unfortunately, there is no contact between
boats. Maybe this will come if we end up meeting the same boats as we
cruise north to Cape York.
Arriving at the club Med anchorage, Olivier found both lines cut.
Strange since we had not detected any bite on the way. Olivier felt that
the steel lines got corroded and broke while trawling.
Today, we left the club Med to sail through some activity in terms of
other boats, resorts along the coast, aircraft, ferries, etc...I even
had to opportunity as we were passing those areas to connect to internet
and pick up my mail.
This will be short lived. By the time we passed Airlie Beach, supposed
to be a major centre of yachting, we got to Double Bay to find ourselves
alone, in total silence and calm. Still no fish, no bird, no nothing.
Even the butterflies have disappeared.
I long to get to a place where I can meet people and life. This will be
tomorrow in Bowen.

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