Monday, May 24, 2010

Cape York

We have turned the corner ! This afternoon, we anchored in the lee of
Cape York at around 3:30.
This came after a high point in our journey which was the passage
through the Albany channel. We saw there, in a magnificent scenery, two
large sea tirtle.
After anchorign, we did not waste time and after a quick lunch, we went
ashore for "the" picture of Olivier and myself in front of the post that
says "you are standing at the northernmost point of the australian
After that, we went looking for the "Wilderness Lodge" along a track
within the rainforest. We found what is left of it, a few abandoned
buildings and a footpath from the main track to the lodge. A little sad,
but I have seen so many of those white elephants in africa that it
almost feels like routine.
On the way back to the dinghy, we found a young australian fellow who
had driven from Bamaga in his 4WD and could not find the Cape. We helped
him out and dinghied back to the boat, mission accomplished, cold beer

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