Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Thursday on Wednesday

We were all set up to leave for Thursday Island when Gipsy Rose, whom we
had met in Margaret Bay, showed up, and warned us that Horn Island and
Thursday Island would require Quarantine visit, probably removal of our
vegetable, fruits and eggs, and could not dismiss the possibility of
having to pay again a fee for the visit.
So, we decided against running into more administrative problems and
change our destination for Gove direct.
Crossing the feared gulf of Carpentaria did not start very well. No wind
and 12 hours of motoring to start with. Fortunately, this was offset by
Olivier catching a large spanish mackerel, which will provide at least
one week of fish for dinner.
This morning, a little bit of wind made itself available, but brought
together with him a beam swell. With the sails wing on wing and the
constant rolling, both sails are flapping continuously and it makes the
experience rather uncomfortable. Hopefully the wind will pick up and the
flapping will diminish. We should reach Gove by Saturday early morning.

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