Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Four days already since we arrived in Townsville and time has gone through at lightning speed. We are tied up at the Townsville Motor Yacht Club, right downtown, and between shopping, visiting, walking and taking care of Papy Jovial, we did not see time pass.
We still have today, Friday and Saturday to continue enjoying this very pleasant town, supposedly
the largest tropical town of the Queensland, with I believe around 130, 000 inhabitants.
Monday was a holiday to replace May 1st (Labour Day) which occured on a Saturday and therefore had to be moved since they do not wan
t to lose a day off !
We took advantage of this to visit and wa
lk and also pay a visit to what is claimed to be the largest coral aquarium in the world. I must say, the collection of coral displayed in very large tanks is very impressive. We also learned of all the dangers that you would be faced here in Australia if you wanted to go swimming (I am not concerned !). Poisonous fishes, venomous snakes, deadly jelly fish, crocodiles and sharks, just to name a few.
Today, I want to visit the cultural center that will show us a little more about the aboriginal culture. The more we learn about it, the more we realise how dramatic the fate of the aboriginal people has been and how much they were almost threatened of extinction, at least as far as their way of life and their culture was
Then, there is Papy Jovial. Here in Townsville, we replaced almost all of the Navico autopilot with a TMQ one, much simpler and basic, but also completely reliable. We only kep the hydraulic piston and pumps.
As for the propane sensor, it turn
s out that the new electromagnetic valve is very much borderline for the 1 amp fuse and we replaced, after consulting with a professional electronician, the 1 amp for a 3 amp fuse.
I have also decided to replace the fixed blades propeller with a "Variprop 3 blades" feathering prop. To do that, I have to provide the supplier with minute details on the shaft taper and on the prop nuts and we will haul out in Cairns to do that. The prop will be shipped to Darwin where we will be on June 18 and fitted there.
I am expecting to gain speed and to point better into the wind by 5 to 10 degrees. We will see.
Anyway, since there is a huge rallye for boats going to Indonesia and leaving from Darwin on July 17, we have to make reservation for Darwin long in advance, pay in advance and stick to the dates or loose the money. So, I spent the day planning the trip to Darwin and decided that we will arrive there on June 18 and stay for one week.
Also while here in Townsville, we completed replacing almost 100 % of the lights on the boat with LEDs. We only kept the two Alpenglow lights in the main cabin and the one over the chart table. The electric consumption has dramatically decreased and this will certainly be much easier on the batteries.

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