Friday, July 16, 2010

Around the bad guys

The weather situation got a little complicated and we were about to
plunge head into an area with 35 and plus knots of wind. And we are
getting a little tired of being in a washer and getting all around stuff
wet. The bad area seems to be to the south of us, right into what would
have been our path, so we eased the sheet and aim for a westerly course
with a little bit of north in it. By Monday, the situation should look a
lot better and we will be able to go for Rodriguez on a direct course.
This being said, this first day sailing after the stop in Cocos was
quite good. We covered 195 miles in the first 27 hours, which is
equivalent to 171 miles for one day. We are quite happy about that.
These were hard earned miles, but what is taken is taken. Another 1795
miles to go for Rodriguez

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