Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mighty Putty (as seen on TV) to the rescue

Yesterday around 4, we had very light winds, doing barely 4 knots and
decided to run the engine to recharge the batteries and make some way in
the same time.
Soon after the engine was started, there was a strong smell of exhaust
gaz everywhere inside the boat. We checked it out and found a hole 1 and
1/2 inch in diameter in the exhaust hose, immediately after the engine.
Olivier, again him, used the mighty putty that I had purchased after
seeing the ad on TV, made a nice plaster, covered it up with an unfolded
can of beer, secured in place with two hose clamps, and after restarting
the engine, concluded that the repairs was good.
We don't need the engine anyway until we get to the Cocos and we
probably won't need it between the Cocos and Port Mathurin, but at
least, we know we can use it.
Other than that, not much to report. We had another 145 miles day
although we felt almost becalmed most of the afternoon yesterday. The
weather is nice, with the temp at 83. Our water consumption has been
creeping up everyday but is still low at 3.295 gallons per day for the
two of us.
I no longer calculate the time left to go in days but in hours. Less
than 72 hours to go for about 420 miles.

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