Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nothing to report

For the last three days, nothing has changed significantly in the
weather conditions. Overcast skies with morning showers, wind from the
SE at 15 to 25, long swell from the SE or SSE at 6 to 8 knots, to
guarantee a constant rolling, just to keep our legs in shape.
While not taking undue risks to damage anything, we try and maximize
speed to make it to Port Mathurin on the island of Rodrigues before
17:30 local time, which is sunset time. According to Noon site, it is
not recommended to enter Port Mathurin at night and we will try to get
there before dark.
It is now too late to get the part for the Windvane sent to Rodrigues,
but it's only two days sailing between Port Mathurin and Mauritius, and
since the part has to transit in Mauritius anyway, we will do the repair
Meanwhile, we have started cooking with a can opener as fresh stuff has
run out. We still have plenty of spaghettis, rice and fish caught before
the indian ocean which has not yielded anything yet.

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