Friday, July 30, 2010

Stats and Rodrigues

Well, finally we have arrived. And since then, silence on my part. This is because Rodrigues, which is a charming island, is also a deep black hole as far as Internet is concerned and I have not been able to post anything, unless I would do it like at sea through the sat phone.
We got in view of the island, as forecast early afternoon on Tuesday July 27. The closer we got to the island, the stronger the wind and the higher the swell. Eventually, by the time we got at the entrance of the channel, the wind was blowing at 35 and the swell, although shorter was still very aggressive. I did not feel good coming alongside in these conditions, but there was no choice. Eventually, by the time we only had 2 boat length between us and the wharf, the wind finally dropped to 20 knots and we were able to put 2 lines ashore.
Since the Cocos, for a total distance on a straight line of 1984 nautical miles, we had covered 2019 n.m. through the water and 2066 over the ground, benefiting 47 n.m. from the current. Our average speed through the water was 6.7923 which is really wonderful. I am very happy with that.
In those 12 days of passage, we only saw 2 fishing boats close to the Cocos, and then 2 bulk carriers on their way to South Africa. Maybe Andy will be surprised that we saw so few ships.
I am hurrying to post this while I still have a connection, but I hope to be able tonight to put in something about Rodrigues, which is a little paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean and that most people don't even know it exists.

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