Friday, October 15, 2010

Down the Benguela current

Well ! We looked for it since we left Saldanha, but we have not found
it. For sure, we got the cold temperature, somewhere in the low 60s, but
the little push from behind, nada, niente, nothing. We are practically
at the same latitude as Miami, and we have thermal underwear, shirts,
sweaters, foul weather gear, and still we are cold.
Fortunately, we have wind. Lots of it. Mostly in the 30/35 knots since
we left Saldanha. Today, we did 186 miles over the ground, 188 through
the water, with a peak at 11.8 knots during the night. New record for
Papy Jovial.
We have to adjust the sails setting constantly. Mosly we run wing on
wing, but we have to reef down and reef up constantly so that the
windvane can work. During those manoeuvres, Olivier managed to cut the
back of his hand, between the forefinger and the thumb, on a length of
approx 4 inches. It was mostly a clean cut, and Olivier cleaned it
himself with rubbing alcohol, but lacking the proper strips, we closed
it with adhesive tape and hope for the best. Had we been near a medical
facility, that would have been at least 5 stitches. The only good news
in that is that he is exempted from washing the dishes, at least for the
next 3 to 4 days.
Tonight and tomorrow, we are entering an area where the isobars are
farther apart and the wind should ease up a bit. This will be welcome,
but hopefully it won't ease up too much as we are eager to get to Luanda
as quickly as we can. Still 1145 miles to go.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear you have wind!!

That cut will heal better if you apply honey on it. The propolis will make sure no infection has a chance.

May the current take you north shortly.