Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reflecting on Jacare

Despite the fact that Manuel Pimentel in Luanda had done a miracle to
get me a visa for Brazil, leaving Lobito, I was not sure yet that I
wanted to stop in Cabedelo, as I felt pressed by time. But since we did
a fast crossing of the South Atlantic, there was no problem stopping in
Brazil. And I do not regret it at all.
First of all, meeting with Paulo Mourao was great. I did not expect at
all to see a brother of the Coast there in Jacare since most of the
Brazilian brothers are either in Belo Horizonte or in Porto Alegre.
Paulo was in Belo Horizonte but moved to Joao Pessoa, and since we were
connected on Facebook, he saw that I was coming in Jacare and paid me a

Paulo and his wife Joanna have severe physical limitation (Thalidomide,
Birth defects) but they both display great enthusiasm, great energy and
to meet them is a great lesson in life. Thank you Paulo for being who
you are.

Then, on the last evening, we went to watch the sunset while the Bolero
of Ravel was being played. All four restaurants on the river have their
sound system tuned in to the same source, Jurandy do Sax, who plays his
saxo standing on a canoe being paraded on the river just in front of the
sunset. Great show, great evening, and thanks to the advice of Philippe
from the Jacare-Village marina, great food in the restaurant where we were.

Today, it seems to me that Papy Jovial has broken another record. We
covered over the ground 204 miles, with 173 miles through the water and
31 miles, courtesy of the current. But Papy Jovial has had a previous
life as "Precept" and I would have to check with Tom and Sarah.

If all this continues, wind and current, we expect to get to Cayenne on
Sunday morning, December 5th.

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