Monday, April 11, 2011


freeport_canaveral by brisegalets
freeport_canaveral, a photo by brisegalets on Flickr.

Not a lot to say about the crossing from Ezio's place, east of Port Lucay to Cape Canaveral. It took 26 hours with only 8 hours of sailing. It sucks but that is often the case in these parts.
We arrived in Cape Canaveral around 10:30 on Friday and were greeted by Gary who took us first to lunch at the Grills by the water and then to the Customs Office for clearance.
We then went to Publix to refill with beer, wine and other less important commodities.
In the evening, we had almost a replica of the dinner I had there on the way out in 2009 with Roland, Justin, Daphne, Gary and his sweet heart Dolores, and of course David and myself. Only Dave could not make it.
Saturday, we spend the morning, or rather what was left of it, to go to West Marine as I am missing a few things on the boat (you are always missing something on a boat.).
We could not find an "abandon ship bag" on the Merritt Island shop and had to go to Melbourne, which very conveniently was located near the other Grill where we were to meet Gary. After a nice lunch there, I wanted to find a sports bar where I could watch the third round of the Masters Golf tournament. I tried to stick to fruit juice or lemonade, but we not all had the same idea.
So, after we came back to the boat, there was a need for more drinks and this did not go to well with the sense of balance of one of the crewmembers of Papy Jovial. In short, it ended up with a fall into the drink and frantic efforts to fish him out, efforts wich were eventually successful, at the cost of a cell phone, a pair of prescription glasses and a wet wallet. Other than that, no catastrophic injuries, just a few scratches.
Sunday morning, Dolores came to visit Papy Jovial and I am told that she enjoyed the tour. After that, quick lunch all together and we left Port Canaveral around 4 in the afternoon for the historic city of Saint Augustine.

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